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Properties of acceptance and beam transmission in a triangle design of the neutrino factory muon decay ring, with decay straights based on solenoidal focusing, are reported.
Very little has been written specifically on this topic in the UK. However, an international search identified a significant body of literature, especially from the US. The report begins by discussing the possible reasons for the neglect of adolescent abuse in UK writing on child abuse and child protection.
Cancer Psychosocial issues Personal experience Illness perception Genetic risk.
This paper describes an image analysis technique developed to identify icebergs depicted in synthetic aperture radar images of Antarctica and to determine the outlines of these icebergs. The technique uses a pixel bonding process to delineate the edges of the icebergs. It then separates them from the background water and sea ice by an edge-guided image segmentation process. Characteristics such as centroid position and iceberg area are calculated for each iceberg segment and placed in a file for input to appropriate statistical data analysis software. The technique has been tested on three ERS-1 SAR sub-images in which it succeeded in identifying virtually all segments containing icebergs of size 6 pixels or larger. The images were first passed through an averaging filter to reduce speckle. This process produced a pixel size of 1...
Recent research on the differential attainment of boys and girls at school has produced findings in significant contrast to the standard account on which most previous explanations of the differences between boys and girls were based. Put simply, much previous research may have been attempting to explain differences whose nature was incompletely understood. The result, if these new findings are accepted, is that further research is now necessary to discover the potential socio-economic, classroom and individual determinants of these gender gaps. In addition, it is important before such research takes place that the nature of the actual differences between the 'performance' of boys and girls is more clearly understood. This article is intended to be a part of that advance. It details differential attainment by gender for all students in...
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