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Reseña de Juan Luis BASTERO DE ELEIZALDE, Virgen singular. La reflexión teológica mariana en el siglo XX, ("Cuestiones fundamentales"), Rialp, Madrid 2001, 271 pp., 14*16, ISBN 84-321-3347-7
Reseña de Manuel GESTEIRA GARZA, La Teologia en la Espafia del siglo XX, Desclde de Brouwer («Biblioteca Teologfa Comillas », 10), Bilbao 2004, 150 pp., 14 x 21, ISBN 84-330-1909-0.
Reseña de Bernard SESBOÜÉ, La théologie au XXe siècle et l'avenir de la foi. Entretiens avec Marc Leboucher, Desdée de Brouwer, Paris 2007, 391 pp., 23,5 x 15, ISBN 978-2-220-05741-5.
Reseña de Caspistegui, F. J. (Francisco Javier), "El naufragio de las ortodoxias. El carlismo, 1962- 1977", Pamplona, EUNSA, 1997, Colección Histórica, 416 p., ISBN 84-31315644
The article discusses the role of mutual benefit societies in the development of social prevision in Spain with a focus on Pamplona. The 1887 Law on Associations, a 1908 law on private insurance, the social networks that promoted labor and assistance associations, and the dynamics of these associations are discussed. The article focuses on the interaction of the Workers' Mutual Benefit Society La Conciliación with other assistance or mutual aid organizations during the years of 1902 and 1919.
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