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"Este Artículo pertenece a la sección Arte, Letras, Espectáculos. "
Through the examination of some theatre works of the XX century, the representation of eminent characters is studied, in the ambit of the events which, with the conquest, brought the independence of the preColombian world to an end. The studied playwriters from Columbus, Cortés, the Malinche, Moctezuma, Cuautemoc and Atahualpa, with different artistic results, judge with modern sensibility and each one following his own ideology, the personality of characters that made or suffered history.
"Este Artículo pertenece a la sección Arte, Letras, Espectáculos. "
La segunda mitad del siglo XX es fundamental para el teatro venezolano, ya que en ella surge la dramaturgia en este país, así como los grupos principales; alcanza su momento de eclosión en los años sesenta y setenta, manteniéndose en la del ochenta, mientras que en los noventa sufre un giro y entra en una crisis que continúa en estos primeros años del nuevo siglo. La generación que surge en los años sesenta sigue siendo la referencia del teatro en Venezuela. The second half of the 20th century was fundamental for Venezuelan theatre, with the rise of play-writing and the principal theatre groups. It bloomed in the 1960s and 70s, maintaining a certain level in the 80s, whereas in the 1990s it took a downturn and entered into a crisis that has continued into the first years of the present century. The generation of the 1960s is sti...
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