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Simulation of the Internet has long been understood to be very challenging mostly because of its scale, diversity and the lack of detailed knowledge of many of its components. However, two recent developments (macroscopic topology discovery and large memory servers) mean that some of these problems are now more tractable. Although problems like the lack of detailed link information remain, models are are useful for some problems that require an understanding of how an application interacts with the Internet as a whole. The paper presents is-0, an Internet Simulator. is-0 derives its model of Internet topology directly from the output of an Internet topology mapping project. Efficient design allows is-0 to simulate packet-by-packet, hop-by-hop behaviour at Internet scale. Validation of is-0, an example application and performance measur...
Argumentación sobre cómo los peligros que afectan a nuestros hijos en Internet pueden minimizarse si los acostumbramos a ejercitarse en la práctica de las virtudes cardinales. Observar el problema desde el otro lado de la pantalla, y pensar que la irrupción de estos nuevos medios nos otorgan nuevas oportunidades para inculcar a nuestros hijos la necesidad de vivir las virtudes. Internet puede ser una escuela de virtudes.
Gegenwärtig vollzieht sich eine Wandlung von Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft durch das Internet. Sind die hohen Erwartungen, die von vielen an das Internet geknüpft werden, berechtigt? Was vermag das Internet zu leisten?
The Internet is a collection of networks that use the TCP/IP suite of protocols. It has a huge impact on human activity. There are currently hundreds of millions of computers connected to the Internet, generating several petabytes traffic a day. Internet is still growing rapidly. However, the Internet today is not yet precisely characterized. One reason for this is that it is dynamic, constantly changing in size, traffic load, and application types. Recently, there has been a lot of effort put into various aspects of Internet measurements. These are important to the scientists as they provides crucial, fundamental knowledge about Internet structure and performance, and, at the same time, these measurements have added value for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in terms of service monitoring and for management purposes. Results obtained...
Commercialization of the Internet has been one of the hottest topics around the world in recent years. The growth of this medium and the new capabilities deliverable on the World Wide Web has excited entrepreneurs, transforming some of them into multimillionaires overnight. There has been an explosion of new firms experimenting with “electronic commerce,” or commercial transactions over the Internet. Most of these ventures are in industries, such as the service or publishing industries that rely on information delivery. But what about manufacturing? This topic has been neglected in the popular press and surveys show that many manufacturers are unsure whether the Internet will play an important part in their business.
Das Internet, welches durch seinen Informations-, aber vor allem auch durch seinen Interaktionscharakter besticht, ist heute zum festen Bestandteil des Alltags geworden. Dabei stellen Onlinemedien die Fortsetzung eines Trends dar, der seit langem in klassischen Medien festzustellen ist, nämlich die Zunahme des Ratgeberjournalismus. Aus wissenschaftlicher Perspektive ist das florierende Lebenshilfeangebot in klassischen Medien und insbesondere im Internet trotzdem kaum untersucht worden. Die vorliegende Arbeit macht es sich zum Ziel ausgehend vom aktuellen Forschungsstand zum Ratgeberjournalismus die weiten Dimensionen der Ratgeberangebote im Internet zu erfassen. Dabei soll einerseits der Online-Ratgeberjournalismus im Allgemeinen mit einem theoretischen Rahmen versehen und eingeordnet werden. Andererseits sollen Online-Ratgeber fü...
The development of information technologies and especially the Internet since the mid-90s of the last century to the present has changed, restructured, and revolutionized several industries. Since the digitalization of sound records, the development of the MP3 format and the emergence of file-sharing on the Internet, the music industry is in flux. Record sales are falling, new forms of distribution for music find their application and creative companies enter the music market with innovative business models. In this process the industry and its value chain are being restructured. The target of this paper is to show the historical development of the music business and the impact of the Internet on the previously mentioned industry flux in the last years. The newly formed business and distribution models on the Web are analyzed and bein...
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Vain tiivistelmä. Opinnäytteiden sidotut arkistokappaleet ovat luettavissa HY:n keskustakampuksen valtiotieteiden kirjastossa (Unioninkatu 35). Opinnäytteitä lainataan ainoastaan mikrokortteina kirjaston kaukopalvelun välityksellä
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