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Ce numéro spécial s'intéresse au rôle joué par Internet dans les mouvements sociaux et sur ce que cela peut impliquer en terme d'archives
This paper estimates the effect of trust on internet use by studying the general population as well as second generation immigrants in 29 European countries with ancestry in 87 nations. There is a significant positive effect of trust on internet use. The positive trust effect is not universal to all media, as individuals with high trust are shown to consume less television. The finding provides evidence for one mechanism through which trust creates good outcomes. Individuals with high trust spend time online, and eschew the isolation of the TV couch, which may produce more productive opportunities.
Since the nineties, the Internet has seen an impressive growth, in terms of users, intermediate systems (such as routers), autonomous systems, or applications. In parallel to this growth, the research community has been looking for obtaining and modeling the Internet topology, i.e., how the various elements of the network interconnect between themselves. An impressive amount of work has been done regarding how to collect data and how to analyse and model it. This chapter reviews main approaches for gathering Internet topology data. We first focus on hop limited probing, i.e., traceroute-like probing. We review large-scale tracerouting projects and discuss traceroute limitations and how they are mitigated by new techniques or extensions. Hop limited probing can reveal an IP interface vision of the Internet. We next focus on tech...
In this study we develop a method that optimally selects online media vehicles and determines the number of advertising impressions that should be purchased and then served from each chosen website. As a starting point, we apply Danaher's [Danaher, P. J. 2007. Modeling page views across multiple websites with an application to Internet reach and frequency prediction. Marketing Sci. 26(3) 422-437] multivariate negative binomial distribution (MNBD) for predicting online media exposure distributions. The MNBD is used as a component in the broader task of media selection. Rather than simply adapting previous selection methods used in traditional media, we show that the Internet poses some unique challenges. Specifically, online banner ads and other forms of online advertising are sold by methods that differ substantially from the way other...
Die folgende Arbeit setzt sich mit alternativen Heilmethoden und Biomedizin auseinander. Ein Fokus liegt hierbei auf den Internetauftritten alternativer Heiler_innen und der Reaktionen möglicher zukünftiger Klient_innen darauf. Aufgrund der Forschungsergebnisse liegt ein Schwerpunkt auf Geistheiler_innen. Da sich alternative Heilmethoden regen Zulaufs erfreuen, werden jene Gründe erörtert, welche Menschen dazu bewegen alternative Heilmethoden den schulmedizinischen vorzuziehen beziehungsweise diese parallel zur Biomedizin zu nutzen. Das Internet, welches einerseits als Instrument zur Verbreitung alternativmedizinischer Methoden dient und andererseits als Bühne verwendet wird, wenn es darum geht „Produkte“ beziehungsweise Dienstleistungen in den Weiten des WWWs anzubieten, hat dabei eine tragende Rolle. In einer globalisierten Welt,...
Angesichts der ständig steigenden wirtschaftlichen Bedeutung des Mediums Internet können sich die Unternehmen den vielfältigen Formen der Online-Werbung nicht entziehen, sofern sie im Wettbewerb bestehen wollen. Durch die technischen Möglichkeiten im Hinblick auf die Nutzung des Internets als Marketinginstrument ergeben sich wesentliche Vorzüge, was zB zielgruppengerichtete Werbung betrifft. Die sich durch die dynamische technische Entwicklung ergebenden verschiedenen Formen der Online-Werbung werden mittlerweile immer stärker genutzt, wobei oft auch Methoden eingesetzt werden, die zwar sehr effektiv, rechtlich aber bedenklich sein können und somit die Rechtsanwender bei der Prüfung der Rechtskonformität immer wieder vor neuartige Probleme stellen. Nach einer Einführung in die tatsächlichen und wirtschaftlichen Voraussetzungen von Werb...
Computers and Internet, vohich have started to dominate our modern lives, have no doubt became part of children's living too. It is a fact that Internet has many advantages in several areas, mainly in education, communication and creativity. However, Internet also has many disadvantages, i.e., physical, psychological and social effects and dangers to children. in this article, the object is to emphasize not only these negative aspects, but also to point out the preventive measures, particularly for the parents.
“The Internet and the Fight against Poverty: Online Giving Marketplaces and their Potential for Assistance and Self-Help” This paper deals with the potential of the internet for social development and the fight against poverty. Different online philanthropic platforms, which offer donations, credit or other forms of assistance, are introduced and compared. The primary focus is on platforms which are accessible for individual initiatives and offer a base for self-help. In the theoretical part of this paper, social and technical developments are explored, which enable new approaches in the area of development assistance. The paper first describes the internet and its new, more open forms of the Web 2.0. Different aspects of the platforms, like the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, micro-credits, digital divide with ap...
It is presented an analysis of the presence of indexing at the Internet supported by the idea that good part of the basic pillars in the ones which this web of computers is based is impregnated in higher or lower measure by indexing. The pillars are the metadata, the searchers, the users and the web positioning. Each one of these elements is reviewed to prove the approach which is accomplished the one is denominated Universe of the Web Indexing.
The Nizari Ismailis are a global community of Shi'i Muslims living in more than twenty-five countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Australasia. They are led by His Highness Karim Aga Khan, forty-ninth in a line of living hereditary imams. Increasingly, Ismailis become aware of the wide diversity within the larger community as well as of the vulnerability of various local groups and their particular traditions, in particular in Central Asia. Internet provides a means to address these concerns albeit that access to internet is as yet unevenly spread.
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